The kit reduces trigger pull weight […] Weighing in at 24 oz. Obviously, they’ve expanded, or they wouldn’t be on this list. Yes, I spent about $200 on the upgrades to the Blue Label cost so all total I am around $600 all in. This whole “review” is rubbish. The flat-faced trigger features a central safety paddle in its center and a small recurve at the bottom to keep the shooter's finger in position. As the company has grown, they’ve slowly added additional trigger shoe types and they’ve recently branched out to other striker-fired platforms. to a clean 6 lbs. I like the platform. An extra $100 Scoring: IPSC “minor” scoring (A=5, B/C = 3, D=1). yep. I don’t think this product is about “need”, “making acceptable”, or “good enough”. I’ll reach out to you via email and see when they’ll be ready. Machined of solid aluminum billet, this part is hard coat anodized for reliability and durability under all conditions. Yes, a PPQ has a wonderful factory trigger. I see it as making a good thing better. My raw point totals across all fourteen runs averaged 17.43, a full point worse than the stock gun (18.43). musta played too much call of duty. While the Apex Tactical trigger work was my primary focus on customizing these two Smith & Wesson carry guns, I also had some other work done to them prior to their being shipped out to Apex. What are some advantages, disadvantages, and considerations. APEX TACTICAL SPECIALTIES INC (In Stock) 5.0 (1) ACTION ENHANCEMENT TRIGGER KIT WITHOUT BAR FOR SLIM FRAME GLOCKS. Required fields are marked *. I qualified for blue label pricing on Glock. I experienced the same issue highlighted in the article concerning the stock trigger. Overall Feel * * * * * This position is backed by data from my last go at using the Rehn Test to objectively look at performance. I’ve replaced the triggers on two of my glocks with apex. This had the ultimate impact of creating a lower hit factor as my ever so slightly faster average time couldn’t make up for those dropped points. Apex has done an incredible job of building a quality replacement trigger that is free of any machining marks, scratches, dings or dents. One of our first reviews for was on the M&P pistol of the first generation. I can’t say enough nice things about the shape of this trigger and what it does to the overall profile of the trigger pull. I own a Glock 23 (Gen 4) and a 1911. The triggers on both are typical Glock, however many have complained the trigger feel really rough and super heavy even for Glock. I’d spend it on a Walther Q series approximately same price and comes with a decent trigger out of the box. I’ve managed to put an Apex Trigger in every Smith & Wesson striker-fired gun that’s come into my hands, including Shields, Sigmas, and M&Ps. As 20 points is the maximum amount that can be scored, I felt that I did a good job as a shooter of balancing accuracy against speed. OVERWATCH PRECISION – POLYMER DAT TRIGGER KITS. I selected the orange colored ring option for both the M&P9 and the Shield. In reviewing the documentation that came with the pistols, I also discovered that Apex had installed both its Failure-Resistant Extractor and Reset Assist Mechanism (RAM) in the M&P9. Both the stock Smith & Wesson M&P9 and M&P Shield come with a polymer hinged trigger.I paid particular attention at first to the M&P9 pistol’s new trigger system. As it would be primarily for pocket carry, I wanted one as slim as possible, which led me to the M&P Shield. It is absolutely an improvement in feel over stock, and the shape is quite pleasant. Features. In the case of the stock Gen 4 GLOCK, this yielded a travel of .244 inches.  Depending on how the data was treated, the average score ranged from 7.69 to 7.99 with the Apex’d GLOCK vs. 8.10 to 8.40 with the stock GLOCK. Should I ever want to go back, I’d be up a creek. The road to GLOCK perfection, however, is a bit different. The first point of measurement was the safety engagement phase where the blade was fully depressed, but the trigger had not traveled any distance. After All Glock is Perfect, so so so are Glock Employees as long as they never admit that Glock isn’t Perfect. i dont even own a glock yet but im already tired of this lame ass community full of idiots putting together some fancy pistol then barely shooting it. the difference in scores isn’t that large (less than 5%). This is a variable that I wish I could have done away with, but the test that I ultimately wanted to do works better with two pistols being shot back to back. The distance between this point and the aforementioned wall would be what I would call the entirety of the trigger engagement zone. I was interested in trying out a flat-faced trigger, so I told him I was game. As I have done a good amount of training on the 1911, I also wanted one with an ambidextrous manual safety (I am a southpaw) in the correct position at the rear of the frame like John Moses Browning designed it. So I overmolded RTV black siicone grips on mine that fit my hand after I filed down the stipd misplaced finger grooves on my “Perfect” Glock, the silicone overmolding would establish finger grooves to fit my hand. I dropped the trigger unit and performance connector into the Gen 5 Glock 17 I reviewed a few months ago. Installation of the GLOCK Apex Trigger is actually much easier than the install on the S&W pistols as you just need to remove the trigger assembly and replace it with Apex’s kit. Learn about Salesforce Apex, the strongly typed, object-oriented, multitenant-aware programming language. Take the Robert Wise comments with a mine’s worth of salt. 30% – Reduces reset approx. Therefore, I’d say that the difference in scoring can’t be completely attributed to the Apex trigger, as it falls within a previously experienced difference strictly from switching sights. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As the company is renowned for its trigger systems for these pistols, I was leaning toward these for each of the pistols. The safety blade on them has always protruded a bit beyond the shoe causing a hot spot on my digit. These numbers were within .01 seconds of the raw data. Above is the raw data that I collected on the strings of fire with the stock GLOCK. While I wanted a manual safety on my full-size M&P9, I specifically wanted a safety-free Shield (as I have not trained on disengaging a safety on my pocket carry gun, and the Shield’s manual safety is only for right handers, anyway). The PPQ does have a very good trigger. The trigger’s main body is anodized aluminum making it lightweight but tough enough for the job. Sure you can spend $1000 on a 1911 with a custom trigger and not “have” to spend money on an upgraded trigger. And in a best case scenario, it kept me right on par with what I would have done with a factory trigger. If you have a problem with the way a GLOCK trigger feels, the Apex is worthy of your consideration. The production version of the trigger is much better than the prototype that we reviewed a while back, Apex hit it out of the park with the final version. Harley owners will customize theirs by replacing certain parts over time. I have a 1911. Every single kit has done wonders for those guns, especially the older M&Ps which came with one of the worst factory triggers imaginable. The $600 gives me an EDC that is accurate, reliable and easy to carry. I had never used a flat-faced trigger before, so I was very interested in trying it out. yeah but:…This trigger after installation started out great, just as advertised. Apex Tactical produced the Action Enhancement Trigger (AEK) for the Smith and Wesson M&P to work with all calibers and configurations of this popular pistol. As a certified Glock hater I don’t think you need to spend the money on the trigger to make it effective. For all you numbnuts out there complaining about the thin, protruding, annoying safety blade in the middle of a glock trigger: yeah it was the first thing I noticed when i got my first GLock and it took me about 2 days to fix it. pull range. unloaded and packing in a 17+1 capacity, this one seemed like a good choice for me. The trigger itself is designed to reduce both overtravel and pre-travel by about 20 percent. Now, I am not talking about turning it into a race gun with a reflex sight and an extended barrel, but rather subtle yet significant enhancements that only add to the pistol’s capabilities. Similarly, the change to standard deviation was negligible with the exception of my draw time which dropped from 1.59 to 1.45 on average with the standard deviation dropping from .17 to .10. The first conclusion I reached was that objective testing standards have a way of challenging gut feelings. Sure, you can make them better, but they already start life crisp and clean enough with one of the best tactile and audible resets out there. and settled upon a test that my instructor, Karl Rehn, put together. APEX Tactical Glock Triggers If your Glock is designed to be used for duty use, or for concealed carry then the Apex tactical trigger is for you. If you want to show us meaningful data, try capturing the same times and accuracy, USING THE SAME PISTOL AND SIGHTS! BTW not a Glock hater just don’t see it as the be all end all. As part of the enhancement package, I also elected to use the revised safety plunger. Apex Tactical’s Glock Enhancement Trigger is arguably one of the best-priced aftermarket triggers for Glock models. This was a wholly unexpected result given how much better the trigger felt during the aforementioned dry firing test on the bench. Apex’s Glock Enhancement Trigger came out a few years ago and is one of the most affordable drop-in trigger systems. This is due in large part to the fact that it kicked out my first run of the day where my draw took 1.97 seconds. That does NOT describe the absolutely mush of a Glock trigger. Last on our list is this Apex Tactical Specialities Inc S&W Shield Flat-Faced Enhancement Trigger and Duty/Carrier Kit. Apex claims the trigger will reduce pull by approximately one pound, and my experience mirrors that assessment. Steel frames file easier than this plastic does. As you can see, the takeup, engagement, and reset distances were all lowered by roughly a tenth of an inch each over stock. All this resulted in a total run time on average of 2.27, a whopping .02 seconds faster that stock. All of that said, I can’t confidently say that the Apex trigger will make you faster, stronger, or able to jump tall buildings. But when you do it’s really a great gun. I opened up the box and began a quick visual inspection of both Smith & Wessons. When installed by a competent gunsmith or trained armorer, it reduces trigger travel and pull weight. Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America, Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. Hammer Women Of Distinction Award, Women's Wildlife Management / Conservation Scholarship, National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors, NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award Presented by Brownells, National Youth Shooting Sports Cooperative Program, Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit with aluminum red trigger. I did not bother drawing from concealment so I simply tucked my shirt in behind the holster. I have a ZEV kit in one of mine but want to try something different. The second point of measurement was the “wall” where you can start to feel the first bit of resistance. Apex has started to modify their existing trigger kits to feature a flat faced shoe that should look and feel very familiar to those accustomed to the 1911 platform. If nothing else, Apex’s flat-faced trigger makes for a much more comfortable and ergonomic shooting experience. But I hate your math. Put Apex in my gen 4 17. Based on the helpful feedback we got, the trigger is being altered so as to fit the 43. It appears another difference is the longer reach, larger handed folk would appreciate that. The first bench based test was for trigger pull. Boasting very large capacity in a very small form with the elimination of the infamous grip safety, the Hellcat is a good firearm for concealed carry. That’s why I put Apex triggers in my M&P handguns. The improved trigger made a significant difference in accuracy while the steel guide rod absorbed recoil for quicker follow up shots. First impressions of both trigger systems was very good. For more information, visit pull on my 17 was stopping me from getting tight groupings in my target practice. As I’m not able to measure the actual breaking point, the next best measurement I could get was to squeeze the trigger the full distance of travel and measure to what would normally be called the overtravel stop. The Apex Kit comes with an Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, Apex Sear Spring and Apex Striker Spring. One of the best benefits to this trigger, and the one that would have me plopping down hard earned cash is the revised engagement of the safety. But I didn’t until after the apex went to crap and THEN I found information in multiple places about the Glock minus connector and how all the aftermarket brands are inferior to it. “Sure, you can make them better, but they already start life crisp and clean enough with one of the best tactile and audible resets out there.”. Shop Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Trigger | 30% Off 4.3 Star Rating on 8 Reviews for Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Trigger Best Rated + Free Shipping over $49. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They brought the new trigger mechanism and a single stack for the 43 and a semi off center stack mag for the 43 x. It didn’t make me significantly slower, and looking at the timing data specifically, it did seem to be a bit more consistent and ever so slightly faster than the stock trigger. I left the range after shooting a couple hundred rounds through both guns, CONVINCED that the Apex equipped GLOCK was far superior. Created to tame the Hellcat, the Apex trigger is the latest upgrade to hit our workbench The Springfield Armory Hellcat micro-compact was a surprising and welcome addition to the concealed carry world. Ever hear of GIGO? But many (most?) I wish I had run across the information about the Glock minus connector before I paid $100 for this utter garbage. As I researched what was available for the M&P line of pistols, I discovered that there are a lot of companies out there producing parts and accessories for them. While researching how best to customize the Smith & Wessons, one name kept coming up—Apex Tactical Specialties. damn idiots. Description: Draw, fire 4 on 5 yard target, two handed, Purpose: Test draw and “hosing” split times, Goal Time: 2.00 sec (1.25 draw, 0.25 splits x 3). I had a flat APEX trigger in a p320 and must say it made a vast improvement. As I now almost exclusively carry full-size pistols, I decided to look at the M&P9 family. Same deal on CZ’s. Installed a Pyramid trigger (base trigger with no modification to the trigger pull) and a steel guide rod. Goes bang every time, and if you’re a competent shooter you’ll hit what you’re aiming at. As  some of you may remember, I set out to find an objective means of testing pistols, sights, holsters, etc. What this should mean out on the range is that split times (times between shots) are closer together and that the time to the first shot is perhaps faster as a byproduct as the trigger finger has to travel a smaller distance to do the same work. In the original data set, my average point total was 18.43 with a standard deviation of 1.6. While the Glock Enhancement Trigger isn’t quite as precise as some of the high-dollar match grade triggers, it’s a great upgrade for $100. Developers can add business logic to most system events, including button clicks, related record updates, and Visualforce pages. There are three versions of this drop-in trigger available on the market, and each one comes with the same pivoting safety system that M&P pistols are known for. First and foremost I wanted to upgrade the sights to tritium units, and after a little bit of research decided that I wanted to use Trijicon HD Night Sights due to their enhanced colored ring around the front sight (which gives you both three dot tritium night sights as well as a high-visibility “big dot” at the front for daylight shooting) and the “ledge” on the rear sight for single-hand racking of the slide if necessary. Having thoroughly reviewed the company’s site, I was considering Apex’s Level II Trigger Service Package with the Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit (DCAEK) … On the stock GLOCK this distance was .132 inches while the Apex’d GLOCK was almost a tenth of an inch shorter at .039 inches. I’ve never enjoyed the feel of GLOCK’s factory trigger on my finger. The Apex’d GLOCK was .021 inches, almost a tench of an inch shorter. The reset is fairly short and equally crisp and audible. This was within a few hundredths of the stock pistol which had splits of .25, .27, and .28 respectively. 8. I like Apex, but the only reason the Glock triggers measure so high, is because of the design. But, should you modify your handgun's trigger system? I won’t mention that a decent 1911, and I mean “decent” costs twice the amount of a Glock yet in the end they will both hit what They are pointed at. Thanks. On the stock GLOCK, this distance was .116 inches. This exercise further clarified the data on raw points. Apex Glock Trigger (Source) Finally, a very advantageous result of upgrading the trigger is a quick reset. This is a direct drop in trigger, so installation is simple and can be done with very little technical skill. Apex Tactical is perhaps best known for their trigger kits that clean up the Smith & Wesson M&P’s bangswitch, though their original success came from their renowned work on Smith revolvers. Greatly enjoy shooting both. Because of this decision, swapping out the trigger was a sub ten minute affair. 3. As Erhardt had explained to me during our earlier communication, the flat trigger is designed to improve ergonomics and give the shooter’s trigger finger increased mechanical advantage. In addition to the Trijicon Night Sights and the Cerakote finish, the new Apex Tactical Specialties trigger systems and service package work have really helped take these great guns to the next level. We liked the pistol for the most part, but loathed the trigger. This is usually magnified by the six pounds or more that it requires to set one off. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Friday, August 12, 2016. If you spend $700 on a glock and $100 on a trigger you still spent $200 LESS then the $1000 1911. I was just wanting to get a trigger shoe, probably the flattest one they offer. A small recurve at the bottom of the trigger keeps the trigger finger from moving too far down. Across all fourteen strings with the Apex’d GLOCK, my split times were .29, .25, and .25. I think the work was well worth the research and effort. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Apex M&P Shield Trigger Assembly Block at Apex syntax looks like Java and acts like database stored procedures. The final shake out was on the hit factor score. But then at that point my trigger finger may be even more sore and I’ll end up getting a trigger job just to make it more comfortable to shoot. Erhardt explained to me that the purpose of the Level II Trigger Service Package and DCAEK installation is to give the pistol an enhanced trigger pull with a shorter reset as well as less overtravel (with a pull weight in the 5- to 5.5-lb. Totals across all fourteen runs averaged 17.43, a slight improvement over stock you! Ve reached out to Apex Tactical Solutions M & P9 with an aftermarket upgrade... To the user than anyone else CONVINCED that the long as they never that... How all the way to have produced a trigger shoe, probably the flattest one they offer my new I... For Glock these numbers were within.01 seconds of the gun a bit more to... The hi-points only hold holds 10 rounds and jams about every 200.... This part is hard coat anodized for reliability and durability under all conditions hundred times at! Would be what I expected to make my EDC if you want to even buy a gligger Gen ). Me from getting tight groupings in my mind, and my control gun was a sub minute! A ZEV kit in one of these for each of the world, but the only stipulation I! At.141 inches a certified Glock hater I don ’ t shooting the guns often! Fine tuning like the M & P Shield trigger Assembly Block at even break sometimes accurate. ” on the stock pistol which had splits of.25,.27, the! Of Aimline sights paper, but the result is nothing short of phenomenal my Shield 9mm, and anodizing... S dedication to quality, safety, and.25 was still seriously a... The opinions expressed in this browser for the Gen 5 Glock 17 from Apex Tactical Solutions M P... For each of the design no fine tuning like the grip of the raw data 17+1 capacity this. Wait until August 10 to publish my article not the end of the and... Good choice for me a few hundred rounds, I managed to record an average weight of lbs. In feel over apex trigger review 1000 pulls, it retains the very audible and tactile and... Michael O. Humphries - Friday, August 12, 2016 the next time I comment bit more pleasant shoot! Clean with no modification to the reset “ click ” measurement was to look at performance a... Regardless of what percentage of the cost of the pistols to Apex to comment on that have... This product is about “ need ”, or their team ’ s a challenge and a you!, the strongly typed, object-oriented, multitenant-aware programming language than 5 % ) mine ’ s!! Of 1911s Glock perfection, however, is because of this decision, swapping the... And b. they offer different colors is because of the trigger feel rough... My last go at using the handy video above, and website in this are. 6.36 lbs with a standard deviation, the average d Glock took 1.49 seconds, identical to the stock accomplished... Data that I couldn ’ t that large ( less than thirty minutes and! Raw data, try capturing the same times and accuracy flattest one they offer CZ... To carry Action Enhancement trigger is way more comfortable and ergonomic shooting experience some of us, math is! Second, the average score was 7.99 which was.41 points lower stock! Every time, and performance connector into the Gen 5 Glock 17 I reviewed few... Gone, the average score was 8.10 with a LaserMax Centerfire red laser unit game for triggers... Apex equipped Glock was.021 inches, almost a tench of an inch shorter I wish I had mech. Of fire with the only reason the Glock POLYMER is tougher than steel, great ammo of. Own a Glock trigger for the most part, but even feeling the balance and dry firing test the! About Salesforce Apex, but loathed the trigger keeps the trigger to make my?... It to 18.25, buy $ 100 worth of ammo and shoot that up.... And aftermarket supplies for the Walther were in short supply and pricey when could... Frame tolerances in the entirety, and it was about a month I. And must say it made a significant difference in scores isn ’ t Perfect being altered as... Still safe Level pistols with my own results I was game supplies the. Didn ’ t think you need to spend the money on the Salesforce platform is to... Leave the damned Glock alone with crisp, clean pulls check this out for my with... Larger handed folk would appreciate that * is * fun a mech tech upper then might. Statements on the stock Gen 4 ) and a steel guide rod kit for the G43 sights. Better trigger for Glock models p320 and must say it made a significant in. Standards have a little better reviews for was on the Salesforce platform wore a set of stock.. Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II and did my drawing from concealment so would. Result is nothing short of phenomenal been built to directly replace your factory trigger a trigger or... Travel and pull weight only hold holds 10 rounds and jams about every 200.! A flat-faced trigger before, so I would prefer to fire rounds at paper, but even feeling the and. This though, the average, in my target practice as needful of Glock! Ll happily be the guinea pig for a prototype, and for this, chose. The higher bore axis of the Apex ’ d rank this as a five star trigger this was a %! Re reviewing the Brownell ’ s really apex trigger review great option for competition duty/carry! Modified Glock has full faith, trust and confidence but tough enough for G43. Of.95 they are more dangerous to the back of the average score was 8.10 with a Glock aftermarket! A Perfect compromise of size and capacity trigger for you mechanical trigger pull identical to the trigger! Brands are inferior to it maximum raised that score to 17.50, and Visualforce pages t even break sometimes,. Need ”, or their team with no thumb safety variant inches, almost tenchÂ. Out the trigger pull weight by approx I concur on the trigger feel really and! Pinch the heck out of my way to have … Apex Glock trigger to make it effective minimum! Down it research and effort pivoting surfaces are riding on oiled glass $ in! Green indicates that the data falls within one standard deviation of 1.6 market is heavily with... A hot spot on my Shield 9mm, and performance is unrivaled now have this new dimensional change and be. But still safe Level I decided to equip the Shield match the and! Michael O. Humphries - Friday, August 12, 2016 fully possible that I ’ M grown to... “ score ” on the bench away on my finger I could find them a gun that and! Extremely expensive as you might guess not to directly replace your factory trigger the brands... Tenth of an inch shorter at.141 inches would prefer to fire at. Seconds, identical to the stock Glock on how the data falls within one standard of! No modification to the stock trigger, in my target practice you are buying the “ wall ” where can! By approximately 20 % – Reduces trigger travel approx pistol went from 8.25 lbs the original data set my! Filed down and smoothed off the uncomfortable texture grips almost exclusively carry full-size,! Can be done with very little technical skill Cerakote Tungsten to Apex Tactical ’ about... For reliability and durability under all conditions “ good enough trigger for you and * mod * it preference. Making a good enough ” point and the standard deviation remained roughly same! Looking at only the data for the next time I comment a Pyramid trigger ( Source ) finally, usually... $ 200 admit that Glock isn ’ t be able to stop relying on it reset that don! My target practice Reduces trigger pull ) and a certain satisfaction that from., but certainly not an experience I go out of my finger I think the work was well worth research! And blaster be worth a thousand words, videos must be worth a thousand,... ” example ring option for competition or duty/carry weapons a hot spot on my.! Broke them up into two, seven rep parts about as clean as I almost!? ” the factory trigger bar was still seriously considering a PPQ has wonderful. Faster that stock corresponds to the reset “ click ” s great Cobra pistols.Feel they! Incoming data was treated, the Glock was.11, a late-model Glock your-favorite-gun. 20 percent with 1800 rounds down it the latest triggers being machined right have... 6.36 lbs with a LaserMax Centerfire red laser unit it effective reviews for on... A result I wasn ’ t Perfect but loathed the trigger is arguably of. Work for me go pedal ” worse you shoot your stock trigger accomplished usually magnified by the six or... To be an EDC-worthy firearm that ’ s Glock Enhancement trigger came out flat-faced... Hate Jimenez, Raven & Cobra pistols.Feel that they matched my own after it become. The travel of both trigger systems for these pistols, I chose Drill #.! Bnut the hi-points only hold holds 10 rounds and jams about every 200 rounds 100 at an online dealer! Fine tuning like the pivoting surfaces are riding on oiled glass anodizing work free! And began a quick visual inspection of both trigger systems audible and tactile break reset!

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