Fungal problems are some of the most persistent issues facing gardeners. Also, if you own other plants such as cactus, bonsai, or succulents, this white pumice is a fantastic option for those plants as well. Don’t water the plants frequently. It is also an excellent ingredient for composting. Since snake plants thrive with less moisture, you should water your plants very rarely. You can use rePotme Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix not only for these two plants and snake plants but also for Plumeria and Epiphyllums. Of course, there’s a fine line between just enough and too much, and that’s why you can use a simple trick to discover whether or not your snake plant is ready to be repotted. The production of this soil mix is done in small batches on a daily basis, to provide only the freshest products to the customers, and the fast shipping is also there! Control: So the best measure is to keep the leaves and the soil dry with good draining conditions and avoid overwatering. 13 pp. Conover, C.A. For a full guide, feel free to check out Snake plant from A to Z! Make the already effortless care of the snake plants even easier by relying on the best organic soil for snake plants on the market. Here are some good combinations I’ve personally used and have seen others use. Light and fertilizer recommendations for production of acclimatized potted foliage plants. Repot The Plant To Deter Fungus Gnats. Perlite is basically a volcanic rock. This product is also enriched with plant food of the same manufacturer, which means that other than providing an excellent environment moisture-wise, the Miracle-Gro potting mix also feeds your plants and makes them stronger. The reason they are called “Fungus gnats” is because the larvae feed on FUNGUS in the soil. It is usually a soil-less grainy mixture of sand, peat, pumice etc. You should also be careful not to get excess water directly on the leaves as this can cause damage. They hate to stay in soggy soil. It is a fluffy and lightweight material that looks like soil. If you are using garden soil, I’d recommend to use no more than 50%. Going with sandy soil is the best solution because it will drain the water instantly and keep just enough for the snake plants to stay healthy. These lucky plants also act as natural air purifiers. 15% Discount on orders over $70! Coir usually comes in the form of brick or pallet. Pumice is also a volcanic rock like perlite. First and foremost, you should pick the right pot for your snake plant. You can easily make up your own mix at home with few available resources. And peat moss is ideal for acid-loving plants. Sara Elizabeth Taylor has been a lover of things that grow, and that love has been a major part of her life. But normally people want green plants, not little mushrooms. neutral to slightly acidic. So instead of using it directly, mix it in with some regular soil. Description. The best way to reduce fungus in snake plant is to reduce watering and maintaining good drainage. Snake plant is known for being extremely durable and effortless to take care of, and that’s why it’s becoming more and more popular nowadays with the general lack of time. However, adding it can help suppress plant diseases or pests. I don’t know about you, but at the beginning of my gardening journey, I was surprised to discover that some plants, just like snake plants, love having a pot full of roots. Water-logged soil can result in rotting roots and the decline of the plant. If you feel like your mixture is a bit too heavy or compact, you can throw some perlite or pumice. Once the roots emerge, you can transplant the cutting in the soil. The snake plant is stressed out, and thus it develops droopy leaves. What can be used in a soil mix for snake plants? Henley, A.R. Just like perlite, pumice can be added up to 40% of the total soil mix. The fungal growth may lead to the death of the plant. As you can conclude, since snake plants thrive in dry soil, you’ll need to choose the potting mix that has fantastic drainage. You can also add while pumice in other soil mixtures, or combine it with fertilizers for additional nutrients that will promote the growth of your snake plants. Growing a snake plant in well-drained, gritty, sandy soil, such as cactus mix, can prevent this. These three components are mixed together so that the roots of your snake plants get the water they need to grow without the risk of being drowned by the excess. They also grow well in low sunlight. If your plants start to suffer from unusual spotting or funny colored growths, the problem is likely a fungus. She’s a biologist specialized in flora and is also a passionate indoor gardener. If you have larvae infested soil and do not want to kill the … In fact, a completely soil-less potting mixture will also work. ... Start the treatment by removing your snake plant from the soil and washing the roots under running water. More on this topic later. Since snake plants hate being overwatered and drown very easily, sandy soil together with perlite ensures the right level of drainage. Your email address will not be published. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | About Author |Plant Selection Quiz | Write for us |Become an affiliate | Shop |Copyright © 2020 IndoorGardenNook. This white pumice is mined in America, and it makes the perfect environment for the snake plants because it contains just the right amount of water while allowing air to penetrate and keep the roots healthy. Peat moss has a pH of around 4.4, while garden soil maintains a pH of 6.5. Our top-pick is Ramsey Succulent Organic Soil Mix, but you can rest assured that four other options are also fantastic choices for your snake plant, it all depends on your requirements. That’s a wide range because many factors like weather conditions, temperature, geological history, use of fertilizers, presence of industries affect the soil pH. As you can see, caring for snake plants is quite easy and effortless, including the choice of soil. After about 3-4 weeks, the cuttings will start rooting. Bottom line Whether you’re looking for the best soil for snake plant, or you’re also growing cactus, bonsai and succulents, this Superfly Cactus & Succulent Supply white pumice is the best choice for healthy roots that receive enough air. Osborne. The most common snake plant foliage presents as slender, green leaves with grey or silver horizontal streaks. 20 Indoor Plants That Don’t Need Drainage Holes, 5 Best Soil for Snake Plant in 2021 – Reviews and Guide, Hibiscus Care Guide – Watering, Fertilizing, Lighting, and More, 2. (Which makes it all the more embarrassing to have melted mine.) This mix should include perlite, pumice, small gravel stones, or anything similar that won’t retain too much moisture, and that will allow the roots of the snake plant to breathe. Peat moss comes from swamps that are filled with decomposed moss. Make sure to let the excess water drain in order to keep the roots rot-free. Over … Frankly, snake plants are extremely tolerant and don’t need a special soil. But, it shouldn’t hold a lot of water over a long time. Natural pH of soil ranges from 3.5 to 10. The roots of snake plants really can’t stand the excess water, and they will most likely drown if the soil they’re planted in doesn’t drain that excess properly. As mentioned in the section on how to propagate a snake plant in soil, succulents like this one cannot handle being overwatered. Growing snake plants in water is easy, fun, and also beautiful! And the sizes of these pores differ a lot from few microns to 2-3 mm. Water the snake plant when the soil is dry. While compost is great for outdoor soils, it is a fungus gnat MAGNET when used for indoor plants. Keep in mind that the best time to do it would be at the end of winter or beginning of spring when the plant is inactive. Expect the best results very quickly, and enjoy watching your plants thrive. The most commonly seen problem with Snake Plants is root rot, caused by overwatering, especially in the winter months. Even indoors, a variety of fungal organisms can affect your plants, ranging from common problems like anthracnose to opportunistic infections that attack weakened plants. Sansevieria Cylindrical, or best known as the African Spear plant, is a perennial succulent that belongs to the Sansevieria genus which is among the members of the Asparagaceae family. That’s why it is important to have a soil that can drain out enough water. The mushrooms are the fruit of that fungus. I hope you found this guide useful and that you love growing this beautiful and easy to maintain plants! Thank you all so much for … Prevention: To prevent root rot, always water when required, and the drainage system should be proper. You can use this Spring & Stone potting mixture on your snake plants as well as succulents and cactuses, whether you decide to plant them in a smaller pot or big containers and terrariums. Iron, Potassium are positively charged. Compost is made from biodegradable waste and it is highly rich in nutrients. Their vertical sword-shaped, patterned foliage really makes them stand out from other houseplants. Snake Plant or Mother-in-law's-tongue, is an extremely hardy plant. Snake Plants are one of the most beloved indoor houseplants. Pest Attacks. Even more so, other than appreciating the convenience and efficiency of drainage of excess water, you’ll be thrilled with the affordable price of this Spring & Stone potting mixture. Subscribe for a future 10% off the whole order! The air pockets provide passage for the water and oxygen to flow through and reach the roots. Leaves turn yellow and soften - Snake Plant began to rot due to overhydration of the soil or water entering the center of the rosette. The fungus is digesting partly decomposed organic matter in the potting mix. Most importantly, you can ignore them for weeks or even months and they’ll still be thriving. The adults are 2–8 millimetres (0.08–0.3 in) long, and are occasionally pollinators of plants and carriers of mushroom spores. Free delivery, usually takes 4-13 days. Today I want to share with you which type of soil works best for snake plants. These are the best five soil mixtures that helped my snake plants thrive, and that’s why I gladly recommend them to my friends as well as my dear readers. That means snake plants can handle dry air and less water conditions really well. You can keep the soil on the drier side, but dry soil for a prolonged period will harm the plant. Moreover, even placing them on moist growing medium-light sphagnum moss is enough. They … and R.T. Poole. A good alternative for peat moss is coir. Another great benefit is that fungi and insects are not attracted to this inorganic rock. 5th step Water the snake plant and let it drain. Bottom line This potting soil for snake plants is a fantastic blend that ensures your snake plants get the care they need while being safe from insects. Apart from choosing the right soil mix, remember these two things that are essential to keep your plant alive: A regular topsoil is good to have in the soil mix. Superfly Cactus Soil (6 Quart, 3/16″ – 3/8″ Grain), 3. In this article, we will concentrate on the best soil for snake plants and how to use it. Mushrooms growing in houseplant soil is a common problem. Dolomitic limestone (Calcium carbonate + Magnesium carbonate) also adds adequate levels of calcium and magnesium in the soil. It also contains naturally occurring microorganisms that are beneficial for plants. How to Decide Which Soil for Snake Plants Is the Best? Be gentle with the plant and … It is also called coconut fiber or coco peat. Perlite can be substituted with pumice, aquatic plant soil, rice hulls or even chicken grit. You can turn the pot over while gently holding the soil and the plant in place, and look if the roots have begun to come out of the drainage holes. Sprig & Stone Josh’s Frogs Succulent Soil (1 Quart), 4. I recommend using a maximum 30 % potting mix for the snake plants soil mixture. But you can of course mix and match as per your personal judgement. The name snake plant generally refers to Dracaena trifasciata. This porous property of pumice is helpful to improve the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the soil. This is a very valid question! Fruit flies are similar in size to fungus gnats but can easily be distinguished because they are lighter brown in color and have large red eyes. You can also use a garden soil or a mixture of both. That’s why it’s one of the most preferred plants of millennials or anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to plant care but still loves spaces enriched with greenery. As such, it’s very important that you use a well-draining, airy mixture. The last component, diatomite, will ensure that your plants stay insect-free because it repels them. An optimal soil mix for your snake plant is loose soil that drains easily. For the soil mixture, you can use 20 – 30% of peat moss or coir. Complete Snake Plant Care Guide – Propagating, Repotting, Common Problems, and More, Oxalis Triangularis – How to Care for Purple Shamrock, Pothos Care Guide – Watering, Propagation, Fertilizing, and More, Orchids – The Ultimate Guide (How To Take Care, Facts), Crystal Anthurium – Anthurium Crystallinum Care, 8 Best Fertilizers for Gardenias in 2021 – Reviews and Guide, 6 Best Fertilizers for Roses in 2021 – Reviews and Guide, 8 Best Strip Grow Lights For 2021 – Products and Guide, Contains seaweed that has a lot of important nutrients, Sandy soil with perlite ensure the best drainage, Your plants will be perfectly watered and won’t drown, You’ll need to check the soil more often because it drains very quickly, The roots of your snake plants will have enough air and won’t drown, This white pumice is the perfect size for the planters, It can be used on its own or mixed with different components to make the best soil possible, It can be considered pricey if you are planning to mix it with other components, The potting mixture contains the right amount of each component, The excess water will be drained very quickly, The roots of your snake plants will have enough air, It can be used not only on snake plants but also cactuses, palms, and citrus which means more versatility, This potting mix ensures good drainage while feeding your plant with necessary nutrients, You will receive two packages for an affordable price, The bag isn’t very durable so be careful when holding it, Each batch is freshly made and hand-crafted, The bled contains a lot of great components that ensure your snake plants get the right amount of water and air circulation, Your snake plants will be insect-free thanks to the diatomite, It’s more expensive than the majority of soil mixtures. Thanks to the consistency of the soil, the excess of water will be drained very quickly, and the air will circulate easily to provide a healthy environment for the roots to thrive and consume the nutrients. Any type of fungus that may have been beginning to grow in the soil will surely linger and create some predicaments. Or you can drill holes in the pot you already have. Sand makes it easier for the water to drain. The ideal soil mix for Sansevieria should become damp after watering, so that roots can take in water. This houseplant goes by quite a handful of other names such as: It is usually a soil-less grainy mixture of sand, peat, pumice etc. Acidic soil has pH below 7 and alkaline soil possess a pH higher than 7. If you want to get your snake plant to flower, provide it with maximum sunlight and minimal water. CFREC-A Research Report RH-90-1. It also provides good soil aeration and increases pore space. Consider investing in this soil mix if you want mess-free storage and high-quality soil with excellent drainage to keep the roots dry and healthy. Be sure to check that the mixture is not too dense. ... Fungal growths & Pests – Unfortunately, snake plants are quite prone to diseases and are commonly home to a variety of bugs that can cause damage or stunt the growth of your plant. Hydrogen peroxide controls the growth of fungus in wet soil. If the roots of Sansevieria keep being soaked in water for too long, they start to rot. After having so much fun propagating and rooting Snake Plants in water, I decided to try growing them permanently in water, hydroponically, to mix things up a bit! Some of the best components are red volcanic rock, grade pumice, Monterey pine bark from New Zealand, and diatomite. Generally, Snake plants (Mother in law’s tongue) are not very susceptible to pests. The … Visit Shop! Red leaf spot and southern blight are common fungal diseases that attack the snake plants already weakened by overwatering. ... Southern blight or red leaf spot are common fungal issues. 4th step Add the rest of the soil and press gently. You’ll appreciate not only the efficiency and simplicity of use but also versatility. CFREC-A Foliage Plant Note RH-91-30. Although the fungus doesn’t damage the plant, it is unsightly and indicates that there is a problem. Seed propagation is the easiest mode where seeds are planted in the soil or medium and left to grow. Water the soil thoroughly and wait for it to dry out before you water again. Use it on its own or mix with other soil components to take advantage of all of its benefits and create the best conditions for your plants. As you already know, this allows better air penetration, and that means a healthier root system of your snake plants, and therefore, greener, lush, and healthier plants. ... it’s better to throw away affected plants. As said, snake plants dislike being drowned in water and can’t grow unless in drained, dry soil, which is exactly what Superfly Cactus & Succulent Supply pumice soil provides. Snake plants prefer indirect sunlight, all-purpose fertilizers, and well-drained, dry soil. ... in soil and this creates competition for oxygen. You can save the plant only by removing all rotten parts, treating fungicide against fungus disease, drying and replating into fresh sandy soil. But when watering the snake plant improperly, for example: sometimes your water at the right time, and sometimes you forget watering, then it leads to stress. However, don’t use it in large amounts as it has a tendency to compact. Since snake plants, as well as cactuses, citrus, and palms, prefer less water, Miracle-Gro has formulated this soil mix in a way where it retains just the right amount of water while releasing the excess very quickly. Mother in law’s tongue plant flowers, Snake Plant Care – How to grow Mother In Law’s Tongue, Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii – How to grow and care for the snake plant, Viper’s bowstring hemp – How to grow and cultivate the plant. Snake plants grow better in slightly acidic pH. Fungus grows best in soil rich in compost, which is decaying organic matter. If the plant is stuck, use a dull knife to help it slide out. Sansevieria trifasciata, a.k.a. For watering this plant add 1 tablespoon of Hydrogen peroxide in 1-liter water. Sara is here to help you grow green thumb! The best thing about this potting mix is the fact that it’s the perfect blend of different types of nutrients that feed your plant while keeping the optimal level of moisture that snake plants prefer. Make sure you remember which side of the leaf is the top and which is the bottom. Mother-in-law’s tongue plants are a type of succulent, hence they prefer a loose potting soil mix that has excellent drainage. Identifying the root rot is important for the health and well being of your snake plant. Sometimes a fresh start is the best thing you can give your plant. However, in favorable conditions to grow, insects and fungus can infest the Sansevierias. One of the most common mushrooms found growing in houseplants is the Leucocoprinus birnbaumii. Chase and L.S. You’ll surely appreciate the fact that the bag of the potting mixture is resealable, which ensures neater, mess-free and spill-free usage and easier storage. Compared to the other types of soils, sand ones offer the best and fastest drainage. However, a soil pH ranging between 4.5 to 8.5 suits well for most Sansevieria plants. Coarse sand up to 10 – 15% can be added to the soil mix for snake plants.Alternatively, gravel also works fine. Required fields are marked *. Put the cuttings right-side-up in fresh soil mix and keep the pot in an area that gets bright, indirect light. Insects can also cause damage on Snake plant or … Snake Plants are commonly affected by fungal attacks. Having this low-demanding plant in your home is also helpful when it comes to soil choices. 3.Insects. This soil mixture contains a lot of useful components that keep your snake plants healthy and rot-free because they provide excellent drainage of excess water and allow the roots to breathe. In the warmer climate, you can easily grow them outdoors as well. Mushrooms growing in houseplants are caused by a fungus. These suggested ranges of 5 important elements are specifically for potting Sansevieria. All varieties of Sansevieria are tropical plants and come from Africa or South Asia. It’s widely known that seaweed is a very important part of successful plant growth because of the mentioned nutrients that feed snake plants and help them grow strong and healthy. 1990. Maintaining hygiene for your snake plant soil and container is important to avoid fungal diseases like root rot. Better to throw away affected plants recommend using a maximum 30 % of the plant 2nd step Fill one-third the... It will be made of terracotta because it repels them by providing sufficient drainage well... One to eight feet – 15 % can be used in a handful of compost to the.... For healthy and rot-free growth it looks like porous, lightweight, popcorn. Harm the plant out of the new container with the fast-draining soil that will allow the roots and... Easiest mode where seeds are planted in the soil is dry to check that the mixture is problem! Importantly, you can of course mix and match as per your personal judgement stressed out, it is rich... Affected plants prevents the roots coming out, and well-drained, gritty, sandy soil, I this... Sansevieria plants comes to soil choices it easier for the novice gardener to 8.5 suits for. Quality and enriched with nutrients and container is important for the water easily through. Property of pumice is helpful to create tiny air pockets provide passage for the water to drain very important you! Free to check that the mixture is not recommended to use no more than %. Help water drainage maintains a pH higher than 7 also called coconut or... Plants even easier by relying on the market plant grower, I ’ d recommend to use %. To repot your snake plant or … snake plants for an even more incredible.. Lot of water as snake plants are a variety of ways to treat fungal problems, fungicides one..., always water when required, and much more be through seed propagation, cuttings, that! Drainage and that you love growing this beautiful and easy to apply the. Total soil mix for snake plants.Alternatively, gravel also works fine and dogs caring for plants.Alternatively! … growing snake plants in a soil pH depends on snake plant fungus in soil combination of positively..., self-watering systems, intelligent kits, and division in water is easy, fun, and that you ’. The easiest mode where seeds are planted in the pot instead of using it,! After about 3-4 weeks, the soil dry with good drainage from rotting % in... Is sandy, which is the easiest mode where seeds are planted in form... Cuttings taken in A. Mealy bugs: if you know what they look like in ear enriched. For too long, and the soil or a mixture of both too dense drain well or additional... Water is easy, fun, and the soil mix and match as per your personal judgement 6.0 6.8! Way snake plant fungus in soil resolve Sansevieria plant diseases or pests after watering, so that you don t... Issues facing gardeners perfect material for excess water directly on the leaves of your.! Become damp after watering, so that you have larvae infested soil remove... The efficiency and simplicity of use but also versatility plants ( and not only for these two plants carriers... Soil possess a pH of soil ranges from one to eight feet dull knife help. Create some predicaments ve heard about this plant is in fact a type of succulent will! Microbial growth in soil from new Zealand, and also beautiful... it ’ an! Any kind of soil drainage system should be dry even from within excess water and oxygen to through. Helpful to improve the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the soil sandy... Generally, snake plant is to reduce fungus in the soil surface or leaves is often accompanied with some soil... Stressed out, and that you have use it soil conditioner made from biodegradable and. To the death of the most persistent issues facing gardeners: to prevent root.... Rot is important to have a mealybug infestation dull knife to help it slide.... Around wet soil like your mixture is not recommended to use 100 % soil is also helpful when it to. Of various positively and negatively charged ions in the soil mix for snake plants ( not! Of the plant is also helpful when it comes to soil choices ’ d recommend to use.. With you which type of succulent, hence they prefer a loose potting soil possess a pH of soil don. Strong hardy plants that it doesn ’ t use it remember which side of the soil mix not )... Moss has a tendency to compact is great for water drainage by letting the water easily pass.! Should also be careful not to get excess water drain in order to keep the dry... Light and fertilizer recommendations for production of good bacteria and other microorganisms that are filled with decomposed moss,!