Scott Grub-Ex is best applied between April 15th and May 15. Learn All About The Exotic Janet Craig And Have A Blooming Pot Of This Plant. If it easily peels off, then it is a sign that you have grubs in your lawn. Scotts GrubEx - Grub Killer and Preventer, Bayer Advanced 700740S 24 Hour Grub Killer Plus. If they get out of the larvae, they will destroy every root of the lawn. Consider carefully whether it would be best to wait and apply a preventive later. Regarding the moles, understand that they also eat earthworms, so you could still get moles in your yard going after the earthworms. These active ingredients can be toxic to bees if the bees visit flowers that were recently sprayed. Over a month, females lay around 25-30 eggs. Now, that you have a slight idea about grubs, let’s understand what is GrubEx? The common reason for a thin lawn with a few minimal patches can be due to the lack of fertilizers. That said, timing of application is key to success and certain products work at different times of the year. These grubs can harm your lawn in just one season. Therefore, if you notice even the slightest destruction in your lawn, check to see if it’s a grub attack. Know All Problems And Troubleshooting, How To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds: Just 3 Simple Steps. If you have treated for several years and you do not see evidence of grubs in your lawn or in the neighbor’s lawn, it may be time to stop treating. We hope that you got the answers for, ‘When to apply GrubEx?’ and ‘When is the best time to apply GrubEx?’. This is not true. So, don’t just start applying any time. Water activates GrubEx. But, it does not harm any other insects, such as bees, wasps, earthworms, and other wildlife. European and Masked Chafers are a type of white beetle larvae, which are C-shaped. To contact an expert in your area, visit, or call 888-MSUE4MI (888-678-3464). Timing is Key. Lawns start to turn green after warming up. European chafers can devastate a lawn with little warning because the adult beetles fly at dusk when they emerge in June and early July, and can easily be overlooked because their evening flight to mate and lay eggs occurs after sunset. There is another active ingredient in some insecticides called chlorantraniliprole that will also work in preventing grub problems, but it is less water soluble than the other preventive compounds mentioned above, so it can be applied any time after the grass turns green in the spring. Grub damage may appear in home lawns from mid-September to November or from March to early May. To apply it correctly on your lawn, make sure to go through the instructions carefully. He has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in entomology from Michigan State University, and a Ph.D. in entomology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. European chafer grubs may be found in all locations in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and in much of the Upper Peninsula. This information is for educational purposes only. The moment an egg starts to hatch; GrubEx kills the growing larvae to stop them from turning into grown-up insects. But these signs can also indicate that your lawn has grubs. The preventive compound chlorantraniliprole should ideally be applied in April or May to control grubs that would be damaging turf in the fall as it will take longer for the material to move to where the grubs will be feeding in July. When you follow an accurate procedure, it makes the application more effective. There was a product available in years past from Spectrum that contained imidacloprid, but I did not see any in my visits the last two years (2016 and 2017). Avoid applying grub killers during the rainy season or on a day of heavy rains. 3. Learn All About The Dragon Wing Begonia And Grow It. As the name suggests, its origination is from Japan. These products work well for above-ground feeding insects that live on the grass leaves or soil surface, but not for insects that feed on the roots. They gradually grow into beetles, get out from the soil to reproduce and lay eggs. Apply chlorantraniliprole early (in April or May) for summer and fall grub control. A larva starts feeding immediately on the roots of plants and grasses. But this is not practical for most folks. But, some patches can also be a result of a grub attack. Before doing anything, it is important to make sure the problem is grubs. A half-inch of irrigation is when lawn sprinklers are run until a container like a coffee mug, or several mugs, fills to a level 0.5 inches up from the bottom of the cup. These creatures are C-shaped that have soft bodies and their legs are close to their heads. It contains only lambda-cyhalothrin or gamma-cyhalothrin. Here is a list of a few indications for the treatment of your lawn. This results in the hatching of more grubs. Grubs usually damage the sun-exposed area of the garden or lawn. The damage done by grubs in the lawn is usually seen from summer end to early fall. Products containing imidacloprid, thiamethoxam, clothianidin or chlorantraniloprole will not control grubs in the spring. A European Chafer is medium in size with an oval body that is brown, reddish, or copper in appearance. Its effects remain up to four months. Be sure to follow application directions. If you don’t take any necessary measures, then the Japanese beetles and grubs will damage your lawn. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer, committed to achieving excellence through a diverse workforce and inclusive culture that encourages all people to reach their full potential. An adult Asiatic garden beetle has a brown-red shade and the length is about 3/8 inches. Also, in the last two years several products have become available in an attach-to-hose bottle and are automatically mixed with water when applied. Grubs usually feed on roots of the grass. You need to remove the old grass and change it. If you have been reading my blog postings, I have written that Scotts entomologists and those with University Extension Services suggest the best timing is in May to give the product time to be washed into the soil to protect the lawn from the grubs that will show up in late summer. This can also be between May end and July end. Be sure the problem is grubs. After females lay eggs, it takes roughly 14 days for an egg to hatch. Other than this, you might see small beetles or pupae. Learn To Grow And Care For The Impatiens Flowers Perfectly With This Guide! The Japanese beetle is the most well-known beetle among all the beetles. This material is based upon work supported by the USDA and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture award number(s) 2014-70006-22498. Weeds that flower again after mowing are much safer than weed flowers that were sprayed directly with insecticide, but some of the insecticide is absorbed by the roots and will move into the pollen and nectar. There is a widely sold trade name called Triazicide from Spectrum that lists grubs on the label and states it will control insects above or below ground and has a picture of a grub on the front of the bag. If you get moles, you can trap them, bait them or repel them. Another important tip is to buy the right quantity of grub control products. Some fertilizers also contain herbicides that kill weeds. Their mating season is usually during mid-summer. If you confirmed grub damage the previous fall or spring, meaning you found lots of grubs, then you may want to use a preventive insecticide for one or two years to build a more dense turf that will be tolerant of grubs. Apply GrubEx to soon and you will miss the following spring grubs. Grubs are visible from the month of August to the month of October. They are natives of Europe, which were first found around the 1940s in New York. You can measure how much irrigation is applied by putting out several coffee cups in your lawn and run the irrigation until they fill to a half-inch level above the bottom. One competing maker even had in the instructions a 3x application rate for spring versus mid-summer. If you want your lawn to be green and healthy, know what to do. Asiatic garden beetles are native to Japan and they were first seen in 1922 in New Jersey. Apply GrubEx to late, and you miss this fall's grubs. Reference to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by MSU Extension or bias against those not mentioned. There are different recommended timings for application depending on the active ingredient. Choose The Bee-Friendly Pesticides To Help It! A systemic insecticide is taken up by the grass plants and when the wee little grub goes to feed, he ingests enough to send him to an early grave. Knowing the correct application is also essential in witnessing results. Grow The Baby Tears Plant For Your House With A Tear-Free Plant Care Regime! There are times when your lawn is largely ruined by C-shaped creatures called ‘grubs’. To kill grubs in the spring or fall, use carbaryl or trichlorfon. Firstly, sod or seed before applying GrubEx. After ten days, they start turning into pupae while they become mature around late October. Check out the MSU Turfgrass Management - Golf Course Certificate Program! The number 1 question I get in spring is when is the best time to apply GrubEx since the package says to apply spring to late summer? Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. To … Get The Resplendent Peacock Plant Growing In Your House With This Best Guide! There are multiple procedures to treat grubs but nothing is as effective as GrubEx. Learn All About The Amazingly Adorable Panda Plant To Grow One For Yourself! Many animals eat grubs, so if you see any crows, raccoons, and skunks in your lawn, it can be a sign that grubs are feeding on your lawn. After the growth of turf, you might find some patches in the lawn where the turf is stunted. Check the rates at different places and then purchase a product. Primary grub damage results from grubs feeding on grass roots. Chlorantraniliprole can be applied as early as April and up to mid-July. After applying GrubEx, the next vital step is to water your lawn. Use them in June or July to control grubs that would be damaging turf in the fall. Since grubex primarily targets the larval stage of many insects, the best time to apply it is during the time the beetles burrow into your lawn to lay their eggs, which usually happens from spring to early summer. You can make an attempt to dig the particular area using a shovel. GrubEx is the ultimate choice of all the people who have faced this issue. 3 Use a chemical control if the grub infestation is severe. However, when applied in June or July they provide excellent protection against the next generation of grubs. Mostly, it kills the young grubs and prevents the damage to turf. They are short-lived compounds that kill all life stages of grubs. It is a sign that your lawn needs to be treated immediately. The second major concern is to make sure the insecticide is thoroughly watered into the ground with at least a half-inch of irrigation or rain immediately after the chemical is applied. If you notice spots or holes in a few parts of the lawn that are dug. Whenever you buy a grub control product, just go through all the ingredients and focus on the main active ingredient. If applied in early spring, the pesticide may move through the soil or partially degrade by the time the grubs hatch in late July. A few signs will tell you that your lawn needs treatment. Grubs usually do not enter houses; still they can cause a lot of trouble for landowners. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If there is nothing flowering in the lawn, there is nothing in it that would attract bees. Preventive products are the most effective. They become full of life in July and are more active during the night time. Do not use products containing ONLY lambda-cyhalothrin, gamma-cyhalothrin, bifenthrin, deltamethrin, cyfluthrin or permethrin for any phase of grub control. These are most likely the larvae of European chafers if they are found in lawns without an irrigation system. This indicates that some pests and animals are digging a way to the grubs. There are some products that show grubs on the packet but they do not work for the treatment of grubs. Japanese beetles like to lay their eggs on irrigated turf like golf courses, athletic fields and highly maintained lawns. A European Chafer is medium in size with an oval ... 2. There are several products on the market that contain a combination of one of the preventive compounds and one of the above listed insecticides that “do not work on grubs.” The preventive ingredient will make it an effective choice for grub control. Below is a short list of products now being sold for grub control as of May 22, 2020, in stores checked in the Mid-Michigan area. The last point is to determine the amount of the product. You will find the grubs on the sides of patches of the dead grass as they continue to eat the grass that is still living. Our research has indicated that carbaryl has been a little more effective on European chafer grubs than trichlorfon. Use Scotts GrubEx annually to help control Japanese beetle infestations in your lawn. *What is 0.5 inches of irrigation? These are more than likely the larvae of European chafer if they are found in non-irrigated turfgrass. If you notice any one of these problems in your lawn, do not ignore them. However, as European chafers and Japanese beetles have spread northward, lawns and other low maintenance turf areas in much of the Lower Peninsula north of Lansing and in the eastern half of the Upper Peninsula are seeing more damage. To begin, mow and water your lawn. Let us know if this article helped you. Carefully check the label for ingredients. Before doing anything to control grubs or even to re-seed an area that is not starting to turn green, it is important to make sure that the problem is indeed grubs. Research tests over the last 25 years have clearly shown that watering immediately after application helps to obtain good results. There are various types of treatment for killing grubs. On top of it, grubs do not absorb pesticides if you use it during the early spring time.