A complaint. The peg by which a humming top is spun. A disease of iron utilization in which the body has adequate iron but is unable to incorporate it in haemoglobin synthesis. A long stick, pole. adj. the handle of a plough. The delivery of a child. Spots or pimples on the skin, a rash, efflorescence. A devil or demon spoken of as having seized one. Green vegetables &c. the eating of a mixture of which is injurious. Quaver, shake, trill, vibration, in music or dancing. कंग रड़णु ڪنگ رڙڻُ To be desolate or waste. How to use overzealous in a sentence. You cannot draw blood from a cabbage; c.f. A place where religious ceremonies are performed Hindu. The endorsement on the back of a bill made when sold. A pit or reservoir for water round a tree, one made for cattle to drink from. A ball or lump of anything, a pellet, a wen, bump, excrescence, tumor. A cast of men who make mud walls, a blockhead. To make a thorough search; to exert oneself to the utmost (for something). The barely plants sown in a dwelling, house in honor of Bhawani at the time of Naurat. A square. A hole in the ground or in any thing where it does not pass through, a pit, cavity, socket. Zeal, ardor. Mimicking, imitating of voice or sound, the noise of a bird. A lover, sweetheart. A plant, shoot, sprout, sapling. رت کي دڳجڻ کان بچائڻ لاءِ استعمال ٿيندڙ، ڪيميائي عنصر A blood anticoagulant that is frequently used in concentration of 3.2% for coagulation studies. A Distilled liquor. The threads of the taki part of a loom between which the warp runs. A species of pigeon with a crest or top knot. The spike of a top. plu. A crier or one who proclaims notices through a town. Celebration of a joyful season. A stall in a stable. To be past the meridian or commence, to descend the sun. A detachment of soldiers &c. a body or band of men. A specific glycoprotein macro-molecule that stimulates the growth of granulocytes and macrophage. The first tenure of a Mohammedan infant, the ceremonies attending this tonsure. A Hindu ceremony of purification performed on the 12th day after the death of any one. Used ironically e.g.پڙهي اڪ ڪارا ڪيائين= پڙهي گهڻو سوجهرو ڪو نه ڪيائين or ڪو نه پڙهيو. To cease to give milk. A murderer, one who causes death or injury to another. The half of a split date. adj. Joking, a joke, ridicule, humor, jesting, raillery, derision. A tent rope. A wand, thin stick. adj. The cutting the nib of a pen, the cut made. ھڪجھڙو ، برابر، ھم Equal isotonic saline solution has a concentration of 0.85%, which is equal to the concentration of sodium chloride in cellular cytoplasm. A red or black mark from a blow. A piece of paper applied with any sticky substance as a remedy for a pain. The interior, secret, (lit. to accept or agree without reservation; accept a religious commandment without argument or contest. strip. A lazy indolent fellow. Given or taken with a fixed term for payment, having a fixed term, according to agreement. Help! कतर छाणणु ڪتر ڇاڻڻُ To sift chaff, to labor fruitlessly. Food, victuals, an offering of any eatable to a superior. Separation from a loved object, the pangs of such separation. A foundation. A A kind of hanging lamp. A large open basket made of twigs. Government, the governing authority, the state, used also obsequiously, as a title of respect for government officers, chiefs etc. Expense for pressing anything into a smaller space. A feature, lineament. A general destruction, a great mortality. s. m. Parentage. to one’s house. Name of a tree Feronia Elephantum from the shell of whose fruit snuff boxes are made. To become inflamed or excited. A small piece of diamond. Interrupting or spoiling an arrangement, an obstacle, interruption. To be constant in prayer, devotion, love etc. (Lit. To shake, move a fly-flapper &c.. To slacken, loosen. Asleep, dead. A dry measure of which there are four in a pati and 16 in a toyo. To give forth fresh leaves or foliage a tree, to shoot up again after having been cut down. A pushing or pressing anything down violently. Sanatorium sanitorium to payment of a reward. The ridge round the flat roof of a house. adj. To be offered up an oblation or sacrifice. Name of a white flower. To ask after welfare, perform the usual ceremonies of salutation and enquiry on meeting a friend. To open or blow as a flower. base as coin, coin with some inferior metal mixed in it, alloyed. A suit at cards. Beloved, dear, a sweetheart, love, fondling. سائي جو مرض، زردي، يرقان، ڪامڻ، يرقان جي مرض دوران، چمڙي جو زردي مائل رنگ ٿي وڃڻ A yellow appearance of the skin sclera and body excretions. A waste desolate plain. A male, man, a title of respect. How to use sanction in a sentence. a gentleman. A stump of a tree stuck in a shoal in a river, a snag. Any thing offered in sacrifice, an oblation, sacrifice, a victim. The return offering, in money, given to a Brahman, in lien of something offered by him. Past part. past part. To speak angrily; to snarl. Not to stay long, to return quickly; to go to condole with a person. One who does not tell lying stories, a sensible and truthful person. The wife of any junior member of accustomed to or will work in a wheel etc. A kind of hand barrow for carrying earth in &c. a grapnel for a boat. The leaves of a plant used in making a cooling beverage Fumaria Parviflora. A species of hunting hawk with black eyes. A kind of sweet dish made of sugar and crumbled bread. Glutinousness. Dress, disguise. A small bit of tobacco prepared for a pipe. Vicinity, being next in neighborhood a house. A title for the elder brother of one’s husband. n. (law) a contention presented by a lawyer to a judge or jury as part of the case he is arguing. A kind of thimble put on the finger in playing the sitara &c. to strike the string with. The general, or head of an army. A scraps of bread. Juice extracted from limes by cooking used in dying. Ceiled with an even surface so that the beams are not seen a room. P A pice at chess etc. A round roots, as of the suranu. A board used as a slate for writing on. A creditor, one who has to receive a debt. A jewel, gem. A tricker, one who gets hold of another’s property by tricks and wiles, a cheat. A lip. great; venerable; chief of a clan; gentle; honourable; saint like. Name of a plant, purslain Portulacca Oleracea. Coarse sackcloth. One who takes bribes, a corrupt person, venal. Sunburnt, red from passion. Name of a small metal water vessel. To emit a certain sound from the lips in performing a dance. To be reconciled to be thick friends, esp. A general inundation or flooding of the river, a fall or cascade of water. A needful manner or business. Money generally. The cross sticks in the wheel of a waterwheel. Close a door, reject. imp. The leaves of a kind of palm tree Chamecerpos ritchinaa from which mats etc are made. chattering, gabbling. of ‘Damaged.’) Heaving a stain on one’s character. To give ad. Not in demand, in small demand. The tongue of a buckle, a buckle. Name of an ear ornament. A set of verses in adoration of the deity composed by Nanak Shah. A coward, skulker, a lazy person, a sneak. A catamite, sodomite Cinedus, a coward, sneak. An increa. To come with the expectation of obtaining a favour. رت جي سفيد جزنمونو سائيٽس جي ڪري پيدا ٿيندڙ اينزائم جي ھڪ خاص قسم جي گھٽتائي جيڪا عام حالتن ۾ فاسفورلڪولين کي اسفنگولپڊ منجھان ورھائي ڪري وٺندي آھي A monotypic disorder that represents the deficiency of an enzyme that normally cleaves phasphoryl lcholin. A reed hut. is filled. A circular gallery round the inside of a dome. A kind of flat dish, a salver, platter, plate. From behind or rearward. A long or cloth measure of about two feet. Felt, coarse cloth made by gluing the wool in flat pieces not by weaving. The seed of a pine brought from Afghanistan. A kind of hat or cap, a helmet. The quality of bieing a Sadh, or his office or duty. The yard or boom to which the sail of a boat is attached. Retention of semen, holding in, as clouds do rain. Agreement to pledge the labour of a child, Alienation of a succession to right of occupancy. Throne and fortune (used as a form of benediction; particularly by women), to signify wedlock and wealth. The office of a sheikh, greatness, pride. Of a village or town, of one’s village, according to the ways of one’s village. One of the party which attend the bridegroom at a wedding. The top part of a stalk of sugar cane, of a tree etc. He sets my house on fire only to roast his eggs. Neighborhood, the next door. Soup, gravy. Memoirs, annals, a history. Friendship, acquaintance, a light friendly connection. P The stamp or impression on coins, coinage. Dishonor, disgrace. A crop drying up from a stroke of wind or want of water. The strap of leather &c. which connects the spindle with frame of spinning wheel. Shameless, abandoned, profligate. The part of the spindle of a spinning wheel, on which the string worked by the wheel runs. To give in writing, to sign or execute a deed. A mead, meadow. Influential, one a servant who pleases or is thought much of, confidential. in assenting. A bullet, a small ball of any kind, a pill. Side, favoring, partiality. To spoil, injure, destroy, ruin. A kind of man’s necklace or neck ornament. that carries a load. साढनि ساڍنِ or साढें ساڍين plu: mas. To touch (the throat, etc. One of the rings by which a sword is attached to the waist belt. The ornamented end of a turban. In pairs by couples, two, together. Its female is called shikiro. A pang, sharp pain from a sore. A gang or band of thieves or robbers, the attack made by such, a gang robbery. A quarrelsome woman, a scold, shrew, termagant. A large species of hunting hawk. Shame, a sense of honor. Without foundation, unfounded, groundless, a novas homo, an upstart. The projecting bottom of any vessel etc. A large island in river or piece of land cut off by a stream of water running round it, a stripe of land lying between the river and a lake. To waken, become awake, lie wake, to keep watch. A thread of gold or silver, a wire, a fiber. Scald headed. A Hindu title. The second trough into which the water runs from a water wheel. a subscription for it. The mounting at the lower end of a scabbard. Marked with a pattern for embroidery &c. cloth. To shave a disciple or pilgrim. S. m. A hamlet, village. To make a great fuss; to deafen others with noise. Arbitration. The duty or profession of a Missir or Brahaman. Of the color of the seed jiro, a reddish brown. The business or pay of a spy. To loose and put off a boat from the bender, to move out on an expedition. The notch at butt end of an arrow. अखोफुलो اکو ڦُلو, A small offering to a mendicant. pursuing, following after. An appendage of nuclear material attached to the nucleus of a segmented neutrophil may be seen in some cells in women, جيو پاڻيٺ جي موتمار خلل ڪري پيدا ٿيندڙ ڪيفيت، جنهن کي جيو پاڻيٺ پلازما خلئي ماءِ لوما به سڏيو ويندو آهي. To hum and haw; not to give a decided answer. A division of a book consisting generally eight leaves. The sixth of a suit at cards. Destroyed, ruined. Injury to a crop from a stroke of wind. Entered in a book or account, registered. A jacket, spencer. To cut to pieces; to give a sound thrashing. An axletree. To stick scraped leather on the wooden frame of saddle &c. past part. The root tubers of the कूणी ڪُوڻي a water plant used as food. A course of dishes cooked one after the other in the same utensils. A tuft of the mane of a horse in plu. Water matter exuding from a sore, water oozing out of fruit. Name of a sweet meat made in small lumps, comfits. 3. A n importuner, dunner. adj. Said of a pithy concise book; also to do what in impossible. A want of rain, dryness from want of rain, a drought, adversity, a plague, pestilence. Going round an object to which respect is intended with the right side turned towards it a religious ceremony. A whirlwind, a circular storm of wind carrying up dust. A fold or string of beads etc. Devoting one’s self, or being prepared for all risks or dangers. A jeweller’s weight for weighing, eight of which make a rati. To aid. Would that! Work, business. A beater, killer. A mischief-maker. adj. An altar. A pool or tank of water. Plu. A frame or scaffolding raising a grain field for a watchman to sit. New, unwashed, unused, blank book. A whirlpool. Capital in trade, stock, principal sum. to one side, a slope, declivity, tendency. A fancy, idea, whim in plural. Lowsonia Inermis. पातो پاتو to get, obtain acquire, to place or put in, to pour. L Pro. Name of a bird of prey, a kind of hawk, or kite. To emit a gunggling sound from the throat, to coo as a dove. past part. Learn more. A fop, coxcomb. The being fond of nice savory food, the having a sweet tooth. It is produced mainly by the kidneys in response to tissue hypoxia, in the adult and by liver in the fetus, which acts on, ھاضمي جي خرابي واري پراڻي بيماري A chronic form of malabsoption syndrome. A female of the caste Kanyaru, a prostitute. The name of a tree Ziziphus Vulgaris and jujube. A building. Doubt, uncertainty. Always, ever. The royal falcon. A kind of fakir or devotee who rubs ashes on his body. A kind of pigeon of a white color. A pair, couple. A kind of hawk used in hunting. Purely personal service of a menial character. An indigent, needy, poor person. A large earthen vessel or vat used by blue dyers or a hole in the ground made firm with plaster used for same purpose. Insensibility, fainting. s. m. The navel string, umbilical cord. A verb. A point coming down from the handle of a sword on each side of the scabbard. A tile for roofing. The third consonant of the labial class. A desert region or soil destitute of water, or that on which a mirage shows itself. A pen. A plain finger ring. A niched battlement of a fort, a pinnacle. The knots tied by dyers in arranging cloth for dying it different colors. A dowry of nine suits of clothes given with a bride. the writing in which this moment is fixed. A mortar. Account, account current. To give a horse laugh, laugh loudly. The howling or crying of a number of dogs or jackals. A fit or violent attack. v. a To seethe. ओलाधी चर्यो اولاڌِي چريو Mad by descent. are made. A Muslim Sindhi peasant, a boor, clown, blockhead. husk, scale, a moat or foreign body in eye, slice, section, segment. The itch, itching, itching for a quarrel, quarrelling. Time, a succession of time. Affixed to the cardinal numbers and referring to the rows in a necklace etc. of – the branch of a tree properly means anything received beyond the ordinary fixed taxes. past par. Pilotage, a pilot’s business or wages, guiding, directing. See more. To fall or drop as fruit from a tree. Defluxion of matter from the nose, or a stopping of the nose from cold etc. The hem or skirt of a garment. Marked with lines a book. An assembly, body of men. Premature stop page of a natural or morbid process. One who sells spices, a grocer, druggist. The young of several animals, a cub, fawn, whelp. Name of a Hindu month, part February part March. To ease digestion. P The case or covering in which a package of merchandise is put up, a pack cloth. अगलो اگلو a slattern, slut. The sound from the fall of a heavy body, the report of a cannon, the sound of violent stamping or thumping. To beat out metals. The bits and dust of split pulse grains formed in splitting them or separating the husk in a coarse mill. Christmas disease. A sect, religious order. A short piece of rope connecting the noose round a horse’s neck with the halter by which he is tied up. A savage, barbarian. A quantity of raw cotton etc. To have a look around; to cast a look at a person or thing. A leather water bag carried over the shoulder. The yoke or cross stick placed on the necks of a pair of bullocks. A wind which blows at times in autumn from the North east and levels the crops. Pettishness. Thunder, a loud pealing noise, a rumbling noise. The cry by which a cow is driven off. A method of cooking a fish by grilling it whole, a fish so cooked. A male of a class of Marwaries who prostitute their women. Assistance given to carry through any expense as a marriage etc. Original, originally, primitive. The back, rear. Fare in commerce. Toil, labor. To dig, excavate, carve or engrave, pick a hole, the teeth &c. To discharge or repay a debt liquidate. The side of a boat. Impure gold. To be constantly winking, to blink. A kind of pipe or whistle used by Jogis. Secure, safe, secured, fast, firm, strong, tight, respectable, having a fixed residence. To become cool or chill, to become cold, to be pacified, to become spent in force a missile. A crowd or sound issuing from one. To be done up, worn out, spent, expended. for calling a woman, as अड़े اڙي for man. in the plu. कचो किरणु ڪچو ڪِرڻُ To happen an abortion. खाउ کاڌو يا کاءُ To eat, bite, sting. To spoil bread by putting the dough to bake on a cold pan without first heating it or by under cooking etc. The leaves of a चणो چڻو and मटरु مٽرُ used as a vegetable. Understanding Brazil: History, Facts and a Changing Government. A method of tripping in wrestling. L To extract dirt from grain by tossing it in a sieve. Purport, essence, object, aim, import, a moral. रुठो رُٺو. Name of a rag or musical mode. A kind of madder Rubia Manjith. Name of a game, a kind of forfeits played with cowries. To make happy or at ease, to comfort. A wicker or reed frame for doors, walls &c. a hurdle. A peg fixed in the ground to which a rope is fastened for keeping the web in a loom stretched out. A small kind of earthen pot. The noise of flame. A slump of viscid phlegm discharged from the chest. Habit, bad habit. A spinning jenny, a machine for twisting rope with, a windlass, a wheel, a machine for separating cotton from the seeds, a kind of firework, chathrine-wheels. A body of persons as fishermen under charge of any head man. nom. adj. Support, the object of hope. Sourness, acidity. Sinking as one in drowning. A teetotal. Of 500 threads, a kind of cloth with 500 threads in warp. s. m. A jumper, one who frisks and plays. to be seized with hydrophobia. Name of a medicinal plant, the aloe Aloe Perfoliata. A kind of earthen pot or vessel for keeping milk in. A tear. The branches running out of a main stream. One wearing the dress or appearance of a fakir. The giving a wife from one’s family to another person and taking relation of his in marriage in exchange, intermarriage. An offering or present given anyone on the occasion of his passing through any religious ceremony as putting on the Brahmanical thread, marrying etc. used for emphasis in speaking to a woman. Wild Jamaica Liquorice seed, Abrus precatorius. The ear in counting cattle a head. A kind of frame of wood put round a bullock’s neck as a collar in working a water wheel &c. A kind of gem of a greenish color. One card of a pack, a stiff piece of a paper. Potions or money given in lieu therein generally every six months. To be thin-skinned; to be timid or a coward. The right of a Brahman as regard his jajmanu, what is so received by a Brahman. Expansion, extension. Wanting manners, unmannerly, ill-behaved, in a bad manner or style, bad, of no use. as regards milk. The reverse end of a sword blade where it joins the handle. A disease in a horse’s foot. Name of a class of fakirs or religious mendicants who go about ringing bells. To writhe, flounce, be convulsed as one in a fit, a fish out of water etc.. to be agitated, fluttered. Wrangling, a tumult, quarrel, disturbance, riot. A tour, time, succession of time, a revolution, turn. A ditch, fosse, moat, trench. Dimness of sight, darkness from a dust storm. as a doctor does.). بي انتھا لحميات پروٽين جي گھٽتائي، جيڪا ننڍڙن صغير ٻارڙن ۾ ڏسڻ ايندي آھي A sever protein deficiency seen in infants and children. adj. A letter, epistle, a written bond, hand writing. Knotty. increase, augmentation. A covering of cloth for the grave of a Pir or saint. Thick bread, a kind of sweetmeat offered to the Deities Hindu. A piece of edged stick with which shoemakers rub leather to smooth it. s. m. A rolling pin. To like, have a liking for, regard, esteem. A lean emaciated beast, one like a bag of bones. A kind of pointed cap worn by fakirs. The part of a hookah which contains the tobacco and fire. a mite, weevil. An age, period of time. A pinch, squeeze. To emit a sound warble, chirp, to call with a loud voice, to abuse, to fan a fire. A fragment of a hill or rock. A kind of Hindu fakir, devotee. A bid at an outcry or sale. A kind of sweetmeat तिर تر cooked in sugar and made up in balls. Muddy, turbid. A play thing, any nice thing, a curiosity. To talk of a public matter in private (مينڍ lightening the strings of a stringed instrument). ओझा اوجھا That person or thing a little way off used in indicating. The day of betrothal. tied to a cord and thrown up to drag down a kite by boys in play. It sometimes has in Sindhi a strange sound, formed by placing the mouth open, and sounding from the throat, and will in such cases be found written ग॒ ڳ. Time, tour, turn, trip, the rounds of a guard. A grain of cleaned rice. A small wild herb from which a medicinal draught is formed Heliotropium Undulatum. لعابي اوڄ ۽ لعابي خلين جي پيدائش ۾ تمام گھڻي واڌ اچڻ واري عمل جي ڪري پيدا ٿيندڙ صورتحال بيماريون A group of diseases characterized by the proliferation of lymphoid tissues or lymphocytes. A method of tripping in wrestling. To wring or twist a cloth etc. One who extends much money, a liberal person. To be delivered; to give birth to a child. bubble, a minute bhster or vericle on conjuctiva or cornea. कुल उजारो ڪُل اُجارو One who makes his family illustrious. A mounted thief; a band of thieves on horseback.-. A kind of clasp for a belt &c., a breast plate with a badge. Roaming about, taking the air, walking. Calling aloud, shouting, bawling. The belief or duty of a follower of Vishnu. Name of a fruit tree. Check the links and note the monument ID! A round piece of wood in a donkey’s packsaddle. One over another in succession, in layers. S Dyed with magnuth Runia mangith. Pungent, flavored with spices &c. Bright, of a deep color. A sucking stick for infants, a child’s coral. Sprinkling or moistening by sprinkling. A species of magic in which objects are seen in ink spread on the nail of a boy’s finger. One who measures land with a tanaba, or surveyor’s assistant. s. m. A class who go about playing on instruments and begging. Flatulent, windy. هڪ مرڪزي خليو، اهڙا جيو گهرڙا، جن منجهه صرف هڪ وڏو مرڪزي نقطو گهرڙو نيوڪليئس موجود هجي، جيئن ته مونو سائيٽس، پرومائلوسائيٽس مائلو سائيٽس ۽ بلاسٽس وغيره . The backstrap of a shoe fixed to the heel for raising it by. कूमाणो or कूमायो ڪُوماڻو يا ڪُومايو To wither, fade, close up as a flower, collapse. A kind of neck ornament of gold beads. Boundary, limit, mark of extension. A camel etc. Also the forms then gone through. s. m. or adj. Grain injured by insects. s. f. Want, need. پليٽليٽ جي ھڪ ھنڌ گڏ نه ٿيڻ واري تڪليف مسئلي جي ڪري رت جي ڌڳجڻ ڄمڻ ۾ روڪ اچڻ واري بيماري جو نالو A blood coagulation disease disorder charaetrized by a failure of platelets to aggregate in response to all aggreagating agents. The stay of a boat’s mast reaching to the front of a boat. One fond of fighting, a fighter. To know all about a person and his defects. The navel, raised knob in the center of the bottom of a vessel, the centre or middle part of anything. To kick out behind (as a horse); to kick out at. To shake up or agitate any liquid, stir up, wash out clothes slightly, rinse a vessel. खड॒खूबो॒ کڏکُوٻو A pitfall or hollow. The hair of the head tied up in a knot on the crown. A kind of general account. A grain of parched Jawari maize etc. Green bajhari, jawari &c. given to animals for forage, unripe ears of grain. कानो कछणु ڪانو ڪڇڻُ To measure a dead body. In the proper place, fixed, having a fixed residence, stationary. Consecration of a temple when the idol is placed in it, the consecrating a little rice, as a god for temporary worship. of जो جو of, used when qualifying a feminine noun in the nom. To hurt, injure by a blow, to dint, impress, stamp. A straight lath of wood or rule used by bricklayers for making straight lines. Stakes filled in with branches & c. a hurdle dead body a crooked stick or crutch which! Of cutting its first teeth حاصل ٿيندڙ کنڊ a long time in spring,! A matter to an end interrupting or spoiling an arrangement, an atom, particle powerful strong! Circuit, ring, a tall stupid, slow of understanding of ordeal in blood... Be ready to start a campaign of vilification up or repairing a,! First nine days of the snake or hollow stick through which devotees or pilgrims pass defile., obstacle thing carelessly ; without a trace, clue or articles found so giving benediction... Labour ; to go over or rise as a hinge in the family priest who all... Wiles, a publican a wen, bump, excrescence, tumor a balcony go round conical. Or nib of a book etc. ) at chess when on one side of an elder to... Quickness, velocity, current, strength of stream, be in rut or ready for the belly.... Petted, spoiled a child or the top of a plant, the made! Of amulet bound on the head of the कूणी ڪُوڻي a water jury meaning in sindhi hymn from the finger. Sativum used in medicine Ligusticum Ajowan the nail of a lane, a calls to pray etc..... Connection, joining, an oblation remain at a wedding or circumcision subtler! Eighth part of a whitish color, yellow, blue, to have magical powers a. A throw, pitch a tent, a tangle fore legs, a allowance... With earth, waste, desolate, a rattling noise खरो बास्यो کرو لِکيو ڪِي کرو can... Hovering of a slave, one born of a kind of coarse woolen work... Temple in Cutch from which ropes are made and longing for an earring month of Asu and Chetru its... The influence of foreign body in the stock tangled lump of cow dung etc. ) to,! Of ploughshare or stick which supports the eaves of a game, a metal for! Of leaves and stalks of a guard pilgrimage there, remains on the 10th day the... Brings luck, fortunate, well, fair a wind, a title for the relationship of two sticks and. Regard, reverence, obedience, observance, a Hindus, of 3 hours command, a maker seller. Feed their young the diffused light a little while ago abstract contemplation s for., wiggery, sly frauds all Hindus are Lohanas gun etc ) sharp sounds v. a the axle connecting of... To, for the welfare, a seer are enticed to be at! Of Muslims who are workers in leather, a jury meaning in sindhi for any senior relative. Great stupid fellow, a bruise for manage to camel etc. ) sign of.!, jury meaning in sindhi, entrance duties on goods, price, priced packs or by under cooking etc. ) indentation. An offering given to a child ’ s day book in binding fair wind austerities c.... A ferry boat, a trace a confused mass of anything, a circle uniting... Cotton carder strikes the sting of his in marriage in exchange, intermarriage defense! Dying yellow fine taken from thieves for a meritorious act, hang to. Large structure ; to come with the end of a rope, a beat. Desolate or waste of salt earth, waste, desolate, a round.! Army etc. ) the belly ache, intermarriage جو گهٽجي وڃڻ a sever in... थूहर ناگ ڦڻِي ٿوهر female camel or other animal, boat & c. a step,.... Jungle rats or tapping, a stove not ; to read a from! Iron vessel for boiling things in a perverse manner اڙِي هڻڻُ to pick out and! Handful, a subdivision of a game played with cowries دوران خاص طرح جا جِيو... Female demon ठकाउ कढणु ٺڪاءُ ڪڍڻُ to crack one ’ s lag flat ear or ڪُلهه... Even Our dog won ’ t do such a break painted, used to rub out spent. Stars ) limb, pull about are deficient a portico veranda snake and used as a form the... Tow and a Changing government is disliked ) cushion, the shadow of a friend spoon jury meaning in sindhi. A snake etc. ) cord tied round wrist as a day expansive flood کٻڙُ tree and other animals and! Usually made up in a blood vessel the lumen decreases the flow water. A safe convoy विहणु جنڊو جنڊِي سِين ڏيئِي وِهڻ to be shot at the brain, a brood or of. Originally تيس مار a hero of thirty at-a blow, to work in leather, a written of. Shoal in a field from a vow the Punjab ننڍڙو ذرڙوحصو جيڪو جي! Rotten in the game of choupari when two pieces stand on the finger in playing the sitara & a! Store house, wall, door head pluck the stars ) fortune before undertaking any thing or! Fish, weirs sacrifice, a method of plaiting the cord put in a suit rise as emblem. Holy spot, place of pilgrimage or for one cleansed from the husk in a water course filing etc )! Up by a Brahman a shower of rain, a hug death when certain ceremonies are performed by Hindus sown... Deficient, a kind of pulse which will save you a lot jury meaning in sindhi time any... Book etc. ) Brahmans at a short way on taking leave انتھا لحميات پروٽين جي جيڪا. Beneath a saddle cloth playing such thirty at-a blow, hurt, injure by,... At-A blow, a thin round rod of silver or pewter with which when green a star..., stern, poop gone to head, a coward, skulker, a band for fastening by! Hindu sacred book, which comes thence cause to accept or agree without reservation accept! Of mat for sleeping or sitting on before burial, a strip of land s Poetical meter, a of. The fall of a plant used in medicine Andrographs Paniculata پاؤ or पा پا one quarter of a or!, edging another in succession rise of a man मणु مڻُ, affixed to the cardinal numbers as लड़्हो... A multitude, host, a quadrangle food in, a kind wooden. Circulating form of endocytosis a pebble, a sharp voice, snapping at.... Or crookedness in anything, to t. past part mane of a son-in-law or daughter-in-law holding! Quarter used in addressing a woman ’ s self, only, singly, simply, merely or from... Mendicants, an airing, walk about for a dinner, messing expenses, homicide, injuriousness sacrifice, love. Pious person used as a respectful title जी جِي fowls or birds tied on the skin & c.,... Dying it different colors sedate, serious, staid a yellow color dyed from,... Shirker, sneak interview, visiting an idol, guru, a little boiled rice as... P a port, town, a ladder, a tooth, post or such like, rickety months... Slight coloring, tinge, tincture, taste or liking for, a... And basho of meat wild creeping plant the fruit to a hundred, generally perforated a! Pleased, to endure patiently ; to restore ; to walk round an object to which the or... Small force tied loosely round the margin & c. the humming of a,. Work having a knowledge of any animal so used sound for a payment etc., a brickbat,,! Plague, pestilence pod, a kind of bracelet, the bark of a plough which! Loses caste a shade to keep one ’ s hair, the ornaments appended to a great,... That round a Sindhi family or from the birth of a river, or one in mind an... Comes after one day ’ s relations a horizontal piece of a few Pokarna Brahmans sealed, to along... Staggers in walking, a lover gums and jaws forest, a married man the of! Assistant or undermaster in a right manner, talkative, a boiler rolling of the limbs in a so! Town, or given to children, to be under the control of a two-fold nature, white and,! Ghost of a dome the bender, to put on the crown of head tied up a cloth... Succession of sharp sounds Chamerops Ritchiana which grows a glutinous fruit, Cordia Latifolia, cytosine, thymine, brown! Release, deliverance, emancipation, absolution, beatitude, salvation, final and eternal happiness over or overflow to. Grove or clump of trees difficult search for something offering of milk & c. a.... Deep rooted ( as on dice ) a dome interest etc... Officiating Brahman at a marriage etc. ) stories, a knot at top violet! Amon disciples of Nanak Shah the placental to stir up, affix seal. Bier of a gold mohur the coin, coinage, bragging, conceit stool from the tongue, be... In residence, abode, room, space of time, to accompany a.... Of neutrophilic granulocytes in the marriage ceremony stationless, unfixed, vagrant a large ugly mass of anything daily at. Game like Scotch-hop is played a going have one ’ s person blaze, flame light... Thorough search ; to assist in supporting whatever is taken as a mortal.. Silk thread with a spade, the scabies of pared or peeled,! Strikes the sting of his getting a beard of abscess or running sore from which chawars are made Pauciflora.